NMPD - After the storm

Cinematic [with sound] - Music : Deference for Darkness - Martin O'Donnell & Micheal Salvatori - Halo 3 : ODST OST

Four ODST soldiers arrive by warthog to investigate a distress call heard by radio from a police station in New Mombasa. Once they have arrived, they only find desolation and despair. Trash, bullets on the ground and a lot of combat impacts on the walls. Are there any survivors? And is there any covenant left inside?!
Halo themed environment
This project has given me the opportunities to learn a lot and allowed me to test several techniques that I have never used such as the utilization of Decals & tillable textures with mask techniques. The bigger lesson I learned here is that big ambition is not always a good idea. My initial plan was too large and had to cut half of the project to be able to finish before going crazy. Some Megascans props where use to populate the environment and the fire VFX are free download on the Unreal Marketplace.

I had the pleasure to work with my friend Lance L’archevêque on this project which the concept was born around his ODST characters that he created. I did all the environment except for the Genet cars that Lance modeled and textured in two variants. (Police & civil) As always, go see his portfolio and give him love!

Lance L’archevêque portfolio :